Police blotter: Pimple-popping punch


Called to a parked car where a couple were said to be fighting, police found an intoxicated woman and a man with a dark bruise on the his neck and blood trickling from his face.

Turns out the bruise, which looked to police like a “hickey,” was from a previous “consensual” incident with the woman.

And the blood? That was from a sizable zit that burst when the woman punched the man’s face.

Blotter’s below.

July 2
Assault: A Bainbridge female was arrested for assaulting her boyfriend while parked in a car on Country Park Road. Police observed that the victim, a Bainbridge resident, had blood dripping from his face and neck and red marks on his face, neck and clavicle area. The suspect, who appeared intoxicated, said she struck the victim after learning he “liked” another woman. She admitted to striking the victim. The victim also had a large bruise on his neck, but police believed it to be a “hickey.” The victim said some of the marks were “consensual,” and were from an incident during the previous night. He explained that much of the blood came from a pimple that the suspect popped when she struck his face. The suspect was transported to the county jail in Port Orchard.

June 30
Crash: A Port Orchard male was cited for inattentive driving after his van struck a Bremerton male’s car twice on Sportsman Club Road just after 8 a.m. The Port Orchard driver admitted he had been taking in the scenery and not watching the road when he struck the car’s rear end. The impact spun the car almost 90 degrees. The van struck the car again, this time on its front driver’s side. The driver then veered his van into a ditch and struck a tree. No one was injured. Both vehicles suffered substantial damage.

Crash: A Bainbridge male suffered mouth, face and back injuries when his bicycle veered from Lynwood Center Road and crashed into a ravine just before 12:45 a.m. The rider had the odor of alcohol, did not have lights and was not wearing a helmet. He was treated at the scene.

June 29
Break-ins: About a half dozen vehicles were rummaged through in a High School Road neighborhood during the night. One resident reported that her wallet and the $300 cash inside it was taken from her unlocked vehicle. Another resident reported that a wallet and checkbook were taken from her unlocked vehicle. At least four other vehicles had been rummaged through but no items were reported stolen.

June 28
Vandalized: The Waterfront Park stage was vandalized with graffiti. The city spent about $400 repainting.

June 24
Fight: A Bainbridge male reported that he got into a fight with another male at the Harbor Square housing complex just after 6 p.m. The pair were engaged in an argument while they attempted to enter the complex’s parking garage. One of the males was frustrated with the pace in which the other was opening the garage door. The pair exchanged blows with feet and fists. The fight was broken up by a third male. Police learned the alleged instigator went to the hospital for a cut chin and bloody nose. Police are investigating.