VIDEO: Bainbridge candidates square off for state House

Rep. Christine Rolfes (D-Bainbridge Island) has a fellow islander challenging her for the state House seat she’s held for nearly four years.

Retired U.S. Coast Guard officer and local Republican activist James Olsen is running against Rolfes on a smaller-government, pro-business platform.

They are joined by Poulsbo Republican Aaron Winters, an unemployed construction foreman.

Watch the above video to see all three discuss the economy, state spending and other matters with Sun editor David Nelson. That’s Rolfes on the left side, Olsen’s in the middle and Winters is on the right.

12 thoughts on “VIDEO: Bainbridge candidates square off for state House

  1. Ms. Rolfes looks happier than her opponents in this video. Advice for political campaigners: Try to look as though you like the people asking the questions and watching the video.

  2. A letter to the editor from the Sun asks: “Does Ms. Rolfes support and income tax?”

    POULSBO — I recently viewed the Kitsap Sun’s “