Police blotter: Satanists potty in pool


Bill Point Drive residents found poop in and around their community pool this week. A note left at the scene informed them that God is now deceased. The “Mark of the Beast” was also inscribed.

Also this week, a thief broke into a shed to steal a “old, broken down” pressure washer. The owner was happy to see it go.

June 25
Theft: A bicycle valued at $500 was stolen from a Winslow ferry terminal bike rack. The bike’s lock had been cut.

June 24
Disorderly: A 34-year-old Bainbridge man was arrested for disorderly conduct outside a High School Road bar just after 11 a.m. The suspect had been forcibly removed from the bar by the bar’s patrons and staff after the suspect had become belligerent. The suspect appeared “extremely intoxicated” and was hanging on to another patron to keep his balance, an officer said. When the suspect attempted to return to the bar, the officer attempted to restrain him. The suspect fell to the ground but appeared uninjured. Police drove the suspect home once he had calmed down.

Fouled: Feces was found in a common-use pool on Bill Point Drive. According to a representative of the Bill Point Homeowner’s Association, the pool had been covered and locked. Feces was found on the pool cover and in the water. A message on the pool use sign-in sheet read “666 God is dead.” The association is assessing whether the feces poses a biological hazard.

June 23
Pot: Police found a small amount of pot and a pot pipe on the ground in the Camelia Loop apartment complex’s commons area. The items were placed in evidence.

June 22
Theft: Part of a stereo system was stolen from a car parked near the Winslow ferry terminal. The car had been unattended from 7 a.m. to around 5:30 p.m. A CD changer was taken from the car’s trunk. No signs of forced entry were found.

Broken: A truck’s side window was broken while it was parked on Euclid Avenue during the night.

June 21
Burglary: A pressure washer valued at $50 was reported stolen from a shed on Agatewood Drive. Entry was gained by cutting a lock. The washer was “old, broken down and leaked,” and was destined for donation to the Rotary rummage sale, the owner said. Tools of higher value were left undisturbed in the shed.