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16 thoughts on “Islander uses Facebook to right a Rotary rummage sale wrong

  1. boo hoo another bainnridge islander whinning about not getting their way,typical, a bunch of better than you ppl with money,who cares about you not getting a apple cider press,is this really newsworthy to make the paper?a waste of paper more like it

  2. This just in: a coalition of Bainbridge Island citizens who didn’t get the bargains they felt they are entitled to have filed suit against the Rotary Club of Bainbridge Island. The group is seeking $1.3 million in damages.

  3. jrock and BlueLight, get a life. If the same thing had happened in Port Orchard you;d be crowing about the injustice of this insider sale. Your envy of Bainbridge is palpable.

  4. Dear J.Rock & Bluelight,

    It’s valid to point out that people complain alot. Your characterization of the story would be totally inaccurate if I didn’t point out that the high income Bainbridge stereotype does not apply to me. I’m not a Bainbridge homeowner. I rent. I want to make apple cider at home to make use of the free fruit in my yard in the fall to help me with my grocery bill. I make a very modest wage. I am totally working class. That’s why I love to thrift. Because I can’t afford to buy stuff new. I’d bet a donut I make half as much as the person who ended up with the press.

    With Love,

  5. dear k.rock601-bainbridge islander? how do we know that? that’s just an assumption. i mean, the woman just wanted her press for pete’s sake!

  6. no envy here,its called living in the real world and by your pic it looks like you been living on a hippie farm somewhere on the island

  7. To my evil doppleganger j.rock601,

    It’s sad that all you seemingly have in your life is your inability to take a joke or show any form of empathy. Your Internet lurking skills showcase your amazing flair for the unhappy life you so obviously lead. Your world is sad. Buy some unicorn meat and put some sparkle in your sad life.

  8. Poor outcome from a whiner participating in a local fundraiser; I’m a member of generations that have donated and purchased generously during this lovely BI Rotary function, and have also experienced mishaps in the midst of a purchase; but, no bitter pill to swallow – enjoy the spirit of the event, sense of community, and hopefully our donations and participation will again pave the way for good to come in the next year….

  9. Hi Ann, thought I’d get to stay out of this one, but I found your comment quite irksome. As a member of a Rotary family who’s grandparents worked actively on behalf of the auction-you’ll likely have met my grandfather marking people’s goodies as they exited for many, many years–I would say real Rotarians would be appalled at the actions that occurred here. Having worked the auction myself for several years, the rule was if a Rotary volunteer wanted something that wasn’t going into the auction or silent auction, they simply bought it prior to the preview. There was no special treatment during the sale itself. This was not merely another patron of the sale, but a Rotarian, and that is where the shame lies. I will agree that the competitive aspect adds to the fun, but not with the volunteers!

  10. Ann Fl Ph, Did you read the whole story? Betsy has challenged the volunteer to a ‘foot-race for justice’. It sounds to me like she is continuing to enjoy the spirit of the event, the sense of community, (this is her 19th Rotary auction), and is remaining a good sport about the whole thing. It is you, Ann, that is whining.

  11. Happened to me last year. Saw a nice bike jacket at the preview, got up early to wait in line, first in the door and the jacket was gone. Rotary needs to change their policy. Why bother with a preview if the workers get to take it before the doors open???

  12. Dear Justice League:

    My vigil has come to an end. Thanks everyone for their support. The volunteer claimed to have run from the starting gate like everyone else. Kudos, senior volunteer, for being so fleet of foot. You were like a ghost. I never even saw you ahead of me. No one did. Happy Cider pressing.

    Thanks, Rotary, for the good you do & for helping me get to the bottom of this troubling event.

    I’m training, ghost style, for next year.

    Word to the wise: If you encounter troubling volunteer behavior, see a department head! You can dispute the sale on the spot and you won’t have to start a facebook group.

    Stay Strong & Speak Up!

    P.S. Kitsap Sun, Is it possible for you to remove this blog post now?

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