French street gymnastics on Bainbridge Island

Parkour’s growing exposure on TV, movies and the Internet is sparking a lot of interest beyond the streets of France, where the acrobatic sport was invented less than two decades ago. Kids all over the U.S. have been inspired to try parkour’s daredevil moves, albeit through trial-and-error mimicry on park benches, stairwells and picnic tables.

Only one place in Kitsap is offering classes on how to do parkour properly and safely.

Head over HERE to see my story about Bainbridge park district’s parkour class and the young men who are building a local parkour scene. The story includes a video and photo gallery shot by Brad Camp.

Look below for some of parkour’s more iconic videos.

Parkour’s inventor, David Belle, displays the limits of love (but not of parkour) in a Nike commercial:

Parkour’s big Hollywood splash was in the 2006 James Bond movie Casino Royale. Don’t try this at home (or at a construction site):

And finally, a scene from the TV show The Office that will live in infamy for serious “traceurs” (parkour practitioners):