Police blotter: Dad beats daughter for turning off TV


This week, a Bainbridge man punched his adult daughter at least 10 times for interrupting his TV watching.

Blotter’s below.

June 5
Assault: A Bainbridge man was arrested for punching his daughter in his Rose Avenue home late in the evening. According to the suspect’s wife, the suspect struck his 18-year-old daughter on the face and head several times. The daughter tried to ward off the suspect with a stool, but the suspect persisted in his attack. The fight stemmed from the daughter turning off the suspect’s television, the wife said. The suspect was drunk and has a history of alcohol abuse. He has also verbally and physically abused members of his family on several past occasions, the wife told police. Police met the daughter at the family’s home. She appeared disheveled and was crying. Her lips were swollen but she did not appear to be bleeding. She estimated she had been hit at least 10 times by the suspect. The suspect, who had been detained in his home office by one of his adult sons and another adult male, was transported to the county jail in Port Orchard. Officers noted he smelled strongly of alcohol.

June 3
Crash: A Bainbridge male was uninjured after he drove his SUV through a ditch and into a tree on Blakely Avenue just before 7 p.m. The driver said he had veered out of his lane to avoid hitting a coyote. His SUV was severely damaged.

Crash: A Bainbridge female was uninjured after she drover her car though a ditch and into a tree on Island Center Road just before 8:45 p.m. The driver said she had veered out of her lane to avoid hitting a deer. The car’s windshield and passenger side were damaged.

June 2
Silenced: An unknown person entered a woman’s yard and cut the wires on her stereo speakers, causing $500 in damage. The woman, who lives on Manitou Beach Drive, suspects one of her neighbors.

May 30
Burglary: An unoccupied Rolling Bay Walk home was broken into but nothing appeared to have been taken, the home’s owner, a Seattle resident, told police.

May 28
Crash: An SUV driven by a Bainbridge woman crashed through two street signs at the Madison Avenue roundabout. The driver could not explain the incident and appeared confused, police said. Police noted that “medical issues” may have contributed. The driver was cited for negligent driving.

May 24
Theft: An Apple laptop computer was reported stolen from a rented car parked on Bjune Drive sometime during the morning. The car was thought to have been locked but no signs of forced entry were visible.

May 23
Crash: A Bainbridge male was cited for inattentive driving after he veered off Blakely Avenue and struck two trash cans and a mail box stand just before 11:30 p.m. The suspect said he was adjusting his stereo when he noticed he was traveling in the oncoming lane. His car traveled about 170 feet in a ditch before returning to the roadway. No injuries.