Yet another local food dining spot

Restaurants specializing in local foods are booming on Bainbridge. Two opened last month and a third is set to open this month.

While writing THIS story about the three restaurants, I checked in with chef Jeffrey McClelland, who cooks for the Harbour Public House and Pegasus Coffee. While both Waite family-owned dining spots don’t market themselves as local food specialists, the pub and Pegasus have had a growing commitment to meat and produce sourced close to home.

McClelland is planning a monthly showcase of local food he calls the “Locavore’s Dinner.” Hosted at Pegasus, the multi-course meal will be served family style and come at a base price of $60 or $85 with wine.

“I think a major reason we’re doing this is that it helps the local economy,” McClelland said.

It’s also healthier and allows people to get a taste of what’s in season.

“We’re behind the curve in this country. In Europe, eating local and in-season is much more a way of life. Here, everything’s available year-round from anywhere in the world. We’ve lost our local connections to food and lost a lot of the nutritional value.”

Last month’s Locavore’s Dinner was canceled due to a scarcity of preferred ingredients. But the next one, set for June 22, is set to go.

It could include clams from Quilcene, lamb from Rochester, and potatoes and asparagus from Bainbridge.

And if sourcing most of the meal from in-state wasn’t enough, the pub’s front yard is now sprouting a variety of kitchen herbs. McClelland has to only step out the door for a little local flavor.

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