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15 thoughts on “Police blotter: “Alcohol!”

  1. With the overnight appearance of this seasons first batch of political signs, (watkins), in our public right of ways, and with history as our judge, ‘crime’ rates on Bainbridge are about to go up.

  2. Hey weird crime reader, what’s with the female personae? Haydon wants to be Coy Lee, the DPRK Korean War orphan and now he wants to be Lois Lane? What’s with the transgender confusion? Yes, and bItV crime guy, keep your hands off those signs. Here we go again: double-click the link. BITV crime: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYqzUL3awgk

  3. Cub Reporter, I heard through the grape-vine that Watkins is begging you to recind your support so that he might have at least a fighting chance in any upcoming election.

  4. Haydon dba Lois Lane dba Coy Lee — the bItV sign klepto girl — keep your crime hands off political signs even if you are into the girly thing/alcohol. You’ll be in the real blotter with your bleeding heart. Have a crime-free Memorial Day (double-click link) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYqzUL3awgk

  5. Some people never learn, Jim, but not to worry. When you break your World Record, again, for the most police reports filed on Bainbridge Island for the exact same ‘crime’, I will be here for you, to give you the coverage you so richly deserve. No need to thank me, Jim, it’s the least I can do.

  6. I’ll be there taking pictures for the front page. You two are marvelously humorous.

  7. Jim, Good news! I have just returned from the Fletcher Bay Jiffy Mart, and your sign on the SW corner, across from Bainbridge Rental is still there! I know. I know. I’m just as surprised as you are. The bad news is, there was a suspicious looking character lurking about, and I think he was eyeballing it. Thought you’d want to know. Lois

  8. Hey crime guy — knock of the eye-balling: “The bad news is, there was a suspicious looking character lurking about, and I think he was eyeballing it.” Get into therapy before the November event. Stop with your crime-guy eye-balling of political signs. Heal thyself.

  9. First you want to censor my speech, and now you want to censor what I ‘eyeball’? Aye yiyi! Here’s lookin at you, kid. Lois

  10. Creeper John — have a crime-free creepy BsnotNEWS day. You’re the one extolling your eye-ball antics and heavy breathing coveting your neighbors’ political signs. Keep your greasy hands off the political signs.

  11. Jim, I’m sorry to inform you, but your sign has been knocked down, (SW corner of Miller and New Brooklyn). I would have stopped and righted it, but I didn’t want to be falsely accused, again, of stealing one of your signs. Besides, there was quite a bit of traffic at the time and I needed to get home to wash my hands. Lois

  12. PS Jim, It’s not nice to bear false witness against your neighbors. It’s considered unChristian. I don’t know if you will go to hell for doing it, but it’s my feeling that you should. Lois

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