Daily Archives: April 28, 2010

Designs for new Bainbridge Art Museum unveiled

Ten designs for a new nonprofit art museum were unveiled on Monday.

“This museum is going to be an icon on Bainbridge Island,” said John Baker, president of Bainbridge Art Museum’s board, during a gathering of supporters at Bainbridge Performing Arts.

Set to open in the fall of 2011 as part of the Island Gateway development on Winslow Way, the museum will specialize in the works of living Bainbridge and Kitsap County artists.

“It will show art from our time, our place,” Baker said.

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BI man back in jail after recent rape charge

A Bainbridge Island man is back in jail after being accused of coming too close to a woman he is suspected of sexually assaulting, according to the Bainbridge Island Police Department.

Markus A. Felder, 27 was accused by Kitsap County prosecutors of second-degree rape Feb. 3. Police arrested him Feb. 1, saying in Kitsap County Superior Court documents he’d raped an adult woman at a High School Road address.

Felder told police the encounter was consensual, court documents said.

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Reality TV chef got his start at BI’s Streamliner Diner

Reality TV chef Marcel Vigneron credited the Streamliner Diner for sparking his interest in cooking.

Here’s a bit from an interview LA Weekly did with him:

“What happened was that I was going to high school, and my parents were like [in old folks accent], You need to go out and get a job and start making some money. So I was like, Okay. And I started working at a little diner, it was called Streamliner Diner on Bainbridge as a dishwasher. And realized that dishwashing was kind of like grunt work and it wasn’t really for me. And I saw these prep cooks working with like vegetables and stuff and I was like, Oooh, that looks like a glamour job.”

Vigneron was on season two of Top Chef, a reality TV competition show that airs on the cable network Bravo.

He’s now a chef at Bar210, “a posh lounge” near the Beverly Hills Hillton, according to the Weekly.

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