Slimming down the Winslow Way project

The City Council is looking for ways to cut costs on the Winslow Way road and utilities improvement project.

The city could save millions if it leaves power lines above ground and reduces the scope of work between Madison and Grow avenues.

Read more about where the project seems to be leaning HERE.

One thought on “Slimming down the Winslow Way project

  1. COBI Council claims they are going on the fiscal Jenny Craig Program. Doubtful. How much did they give BIAHC ($200K) and bItV ($260K). Yikes !

    Let’s remember our illustrious past Councils for all their reassurances. Full speed to the past.
    Double-click link to hear Mayor K infamous assurance all is well:

    How many assurances do we need to hear before we realize we have been taken for fools?

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