Senior center reconstruction plan is “out the door”

Plans to replace the Bainbridge senior center with a new $9 million dollar facility have fizzled out.

“It’s out the door,” said Tom Kilbane, a senior center member who has long championed the reconstruction.

Rather than push for a new multi-use, two story facility, senior center members are asking the city to help them make basic improvements on the existing building.

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One thought on “Senior center reconstruction plan is “out the door”

  1. This grandiose boondoggle special-interest project has been rattling around COBI for years. As time went on the plan for the Senior Spa Center/BIAHC/Dem HQ grew faster than the cost of the Waterfront Park toilets. Fix the property limited defects and leave well enough alone. And be thankful to God for what you have. Why does every special interest on Bainbridge feel entitled to the biggest, the best and most outrageous non solution? Shame on Mayor K, Council and the special interests in wasting precious COBI (over)-staff time on this project. If you want to build a private senior center spa and resort, do it on private property with private funds.

    Drive the spike through this one for good. And yes, I see all the Council hand wringing that they didn’t come through with the planned “fix” for the seniors. All this brings back great memories of the fiasco with the “affordable” housing Quay. Wow !

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