Inslee says Internet freedoms are under threat

Rep. Jay Inslee recently sounded a warning that Internet freedoms are under threat by a recent federal court ruling.

The Bainbridge Democrat said the ruling will allow Internet service providers to restricting access to certain content and websites.

“Put simply, service providers would have the power to control the pipes that deliver content to consumers and with it the ability to play favorites or discriminate against bits of data,” Inslee said in a Seattle Times guest editorial.

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3 thoughts on “Inslee says Internet freedoms are under threat

  1. I like to chat, and just talk with people, but Yahoo allows bots to post porn sites, and put porn information in the rooms, and Yahoo doesn’t do one thing about “booters” who overload your computer with programs, that force your computer off the website. Also, they need to do something about those who love to pull the “Person Assasination” online, where they accuse a person of things they never did, just to get the person to leave a room, or leave a chat, due in part that they just don’t like how they talk, instead of putting them on ignore.

  2. Dear Mr. Inslee-

    How about getting concerned about our Democratic way of life and what the legislation youall are passing is doing to it. I frankly don’t need the direction and help the Party seems to think I and others want and need. Let us make the decisions! And to think what you and the others are creating for our children and grandchildren. Its the spending that has to end and we need to reverse the many entitlements for those that could be productive and choose not to be.

  3. way to stay on topic Lucy….

    Thank you Jay for your tireless work on the Net Neutrality bill. You did your best to stop corporations from controlling yet another part of our daily lives. You may have lost but you get an A for effort.

    Perhaps when you are Governor, you can revisit this and keep net neutrality alive in Washington State.

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