Concrete poured into Island Gateway storm drain

A construction manager at the Island Gateway development says concrete powder was deliberately dumped into one of the site’s stormwater drains.

According to police reports, the manager found the drain, which sits about 50 feet north of Winslow Way, clogged with hardened concrete on Tuesday morning. The concrete was caught in a drain “sock” where it hardened into a large block, police said. The drain flows directly into Eagle Harbor.

The manager said no concrete powder was being stored at the work site at the time of the dumping.

The manager told police that the incident could have been “damaging” to his company. Had state environmental regulators seen the concrete, the company likely would have been fined, he said.

The manager also noted his suspicion that the concrete was put into the drain by people opposed to the mixed-use commercial development. Some island residents who have organized themselves against Island Gateway say the project does not fit Winslow’s small town aesthetic and may damage the environment. A citizen group sued but did not halt the project.

Damages and labor costs to fix the drain were estimated at $100.

Police have no suspects and have concluded their investigation.

2 thoughts on “Concrete poured into Island Gateway storm drain

  1. “Concrete Powder”?

    Was it cement or was it a dry, concrete mix — cement, sand, and gravel? tristan, we need your help on this one.

    Sounds like these guys are going to have to invest $35 in some fake cameras — or $400 on some real ones. (Which they can use on the next project. And write off as a Business Expense.)

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