Daily Archives: April 19, 2010

Bainbridge Island Land Trust sues landowner over new driveway

Head over HERE to read my story about the Bainbridge Island Land Trust‘s legal battle with a North Madison Avenue landowner.

BILT contends that Joseph Lachac broke a conservation easement agreement by clearing plants and at least one tree to make way for a rerouted section of his driveway. Lachac says he has the right to improve his driveway, and stresses that he has replanted the abandoned section with native plants.

VIDEO: Hyla students harness pedal power

The above video shows Hyla Middle School students using a “bike generator” to power small electric devices like a fan and a light bulb.

Hyla students have spent part of their “mini-term” projects learning about energy use. They learned from the bike generator how much effort it takes to create just a little current.

Students around Kitsap are exploring environmental issues as Earth Day approaches. Check out Chris Dunagan’s story on environmental education HERE.