Police blotter: Wife defends husband’s honor…with her fists


In this week’s blotter, a woman beat another woman (twice) for harassing her husband at the Winslow ferry terminal.

Also this week, a driver traveling at almost 100 mph on Miller Road (speed limit: 30 mph) managed to evade three patrol cars in a chase that ranged around the north end.

Mar. 28
Slashed: A Poulsbo woman found that two of her car’s tires were slashed while she was at work at a Parfitt Way business. Damages were estimated at $200. She suspects an angry customer may be to blame.

Mar. 22
Theft: A car stereo was reported stolen from a truck parked overnight in a Madison Avenue parking lot.

Theft: Several tools were reported stolen from a construction trailer parked overnight in a Madison Avenue parking lot. The trailer’s padlock had been removed. Missing items included a drill and two nail guns. Losses were estimated at $1,100.

Mar. 24
Speeding: An unknown vehicle that was initially seen traveling at almost 100 mph on Miller Road eluded three police patrols just before 2 a.m. The car, believed to have been a dark-colored Mustang, was seen by a patrol officer speeding at about 67 mph over Miller’s posted 30 mph speed limit. The car traveled too fast for the officer to get a description. He gave chase, but the car had “disappeared.” Another officer spotted the car turn on to Day Road and then run a red light while crossing Highway 305. The second officer lost sight of the car as it sped north on Sunrise Drive. A third officer took a position at Madison and Phelps while the the first officer took a position at 305 and Hidden Cove. The officers terminated the search after the car was not spotted again.

Mar. 21
Assault: An intoxicated woman suffered minor injuries in a fight with another woman at the the Winslow ferry terminal just before 3 a.m. The victim, who lives in North Kitsap, and a friend had been returning home from a Seattle bar. The terminal’s taxi drivers refused to serve the women because of their high level of intoxication. The victim said she later engaged in insults with the suspect’s husband and then with the suspect over her purported rudeness. The suspect punched the victim’s jaw, causing it to swell up and redden. The victim said she thought she may have hit the suspect. Believing her jaw broken, the victim followed the suspect to her car and told her she intended to copy down her license plate. The suspect then grabbed the victim by her hair and punched her with enough force to knock her to the ground, the victim said. The fall caused scrapes on one of the victim’s elbows. Paramedics treated the victim and determined that her jaw had not been broken. Police stopped the car the suspect was traveling in on Highway 305 near Suquamish Way. The suspect told police that the victim had harassed her husband when they arrived at the terminal. Her intervention spurred the victim to throw a punch and pull her hair, the suspect said. The suspect, who had a red mark on her face from the altercation, admitted to having punched the victim. The suspect declined to press charges for her own injury. Police forwarded a report to the prosecutor’s office for review.