Daily Archives: March 29, 2010

A new family center opens on Bainbridge

A father and son play at the new Peacock Family Center. Photo: Tristan Baurick

The Peacock Family Center has grown a lot in 11 months.

Formerly housed in a 900-square-foot room in Rolling Bay, Peacock now takes up a 4,100-square-foot building in downtown Winslow. It also offers more than an indoor play place. Preschool, day care, kids classes and family counseling are either offered or will be offered by June.

The building, which formerly housed KiDiMu (and an auto service center), has been renovated to include new classrooms and several water- and energy-saving features. Much of the work was done by volunteers or through discounted labor.

For more, read my story about Peacock’s reopening here.