Police blotter: SUV driver harassed by man in wheelchair


A Bainbridge man fled a High School Road gas station after a man in a wheelchair repeatedly circled his SUV while yelling insults.

Also this week, a Dumpster was destroyed by fire, a man was injured in a drunken fight outside Safeway and a woman reported that her husband is beating her while he “sleeps.”

Mar. 11
Arson: A large metal trash receptacle near the Safeway store was destroyed when its contents were ignited by a smoke bomb just before 3:45 p.m. Two teenage males were seen in the area shortly before the fire was reported.

Mar. 10
Assault: A Bainbridge male punched another Bainbridge male outside the Safeway store just after 9:15 p.m. The victim responded by throwing the suspect to the ground. The fall injured the suspect’s rib area, resulting in an ambulance trip to Harrison Hospital in Bremerton. Notified of the incident by the victim, police found the suspect lying on the ground outside the nearby Radio Shack store. The pair became involved in an argument over an earlier incident in which a guitar was thrown into a street. Neither male had visible injuries. The suspect appeared highly intoxicated and was slurring his words. When informed of the suspect’s rib injury, police reminded him that he had reported a rib injury two weeks ago when a man kicked him during another fight. When asked what he hit the victim with, the suspect responded “everything.” The victim admitted he’d also been drinking, possibly consuming up to five alcoholic beverages at the nearby Island Grill bar.

Mar. 9
Assault: A Bainbridge woman reported that her husband had assaulted her several times during their seven-year marriage. The victim said the suspect, a Bainbridge man, had beat “her black and blue” with his fists during one occasion in 2008, and that he often punches her while the two are in bed. The suspect appears to be asleep during the assaults, but the victim believes he is actually conscious. She said the last attack was a punch to her back while they were in bed sometime in January. She left her husband for a period of time but returned because she needed care for a medical condition. Police are investigating.

Harassed: A Bainbridge man reported that a former employee of his apartment complex was been harassing him. The victim had parked his SUV at the Chevron gas station when the suspect, who was in a wheelchair, began circling the vehicle and yelling insults and obscenities. The victim said the two had been at odds over an improperly installed faucet at the victim’s apartment. The suspect yells at him whenever he sees him, the victim said. The victim fled the station in his SUV to get away from the suspect. Police advised the victim about a possible protection order against the suspect.