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The Living Library returns to Bainbridge

The Bainbridge Public Library’s Living Library event returns on Saturday.

Here’s the event listing:

The Bainbridge Public Library invites you to “check out a new point of view” through a one-on-one conversation with someone who may hold a little-known viewpoint or may be of a different culture or lifestyle.

“Living Books” are available for thirty minute conversations in the library meeting room on Saturday, March 6 from 1-4 p.m.

You can read my Oct. 2008 story about the island’s first Living Library here.

Historic four-story theater building set for demolition

A 92-year-old former school building nestled in the wooded north end is set for demolition next month.

The building has long been vacant and has fallen into disrepair.

Built as part of Moran School in 1918, the four-story building housed an auditorium, library, laboratories, study hall and dormitory. It was later used by a naval academy and then was converted into a movie theater.

Historic preservationists are asking that the owners seek an alternative solution to demolition.

It is a “terribly significant” part of Bainbridge’s history, said city Historic Preservation Commission Chairman Will Shopes during a special commission meeting on Friday.

“I wish they’d try to save it or, if they don’t have the money, try to find someone who does,” Shopes said.

For more, click here.

Bainbridge seeking stimulus money for Winslow portion of Madison Ave

The city of Bainbridge Island is hoping for $585,000 in federal stimulus money to repave the portion of Madison Avenue between Winslow Way and Wyatt Way.

The city also wants $90,000 to repave part of Manitou Beach Road.

Last year, the city only used $60,000 of the $150,000 it was awarded for pedestrian and bicycle improvements near Blakely School.

For more about expected federal road work funding in Kitsap County, click here.

Rolling Bay post office renamed after Bainbridge war hero

On Friday, the Rolling Bay post office was renamed after John ‘Bud’ Hawk, a Medal of Honor and four-time Purple Heart recipient who grew up on the island some 80 years ago.

If you’re not familiar about Hawk’s World War II exploits, you can read about them here. No wonder people see him as a true-life action hero.

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