Police blotter: Drunk driver kisses police officer


An officer got a big boozy smooch from a drunk driver as he escorted her to jail. The officer didn’t exactly swoon, especially since her face was “purplish” and her initial courting attempts included a whole lot of insults, threats to sue and resisting arrest.

Also this week, sheep rustlers strike the Rodal Corral.

Blotter’s below.

Feb. 12
Drunk driving: A Bainbridge male was arrested for drunk driving near the Highway 305-North Madison Avenue intersection just before 1:40 a.m. Police initially saw the suspect pulling out of the parking lot of a closed Rolling Bay market. An officer checked the license plate number and learned it was suspended. Once pulled over, the suspect exhibited intoxicated behavior and had the odor of alcohol. When asked why he was driving, the suspect answered “I don’t know.” The officer led the suspect through a series of field sobriety tests. During the one-legged stand, the suspect could only hold his balance for four seconds. “I’m too intoxicated to do this,” he told the officer. The suspect said he was at the market to buy more alcohol. When asked how much he’d already had to drink, he responded “A lot!” The suspect was initially denied access to the county jail in Port Orchard because he had a dangerously high level of alcohol in his blood. After a brief visit to Harrison Hospital in Bremerton, the suspect was admitted into the jail.

Feb. 11
Warrants: A Bainbridge male was arrested at his High School Road home for several outstanding warrants just before 8:30 p.m. The suspect had warrants for drunk driving, obstructing an officer, hit-and-run driving, marijuana possession, delivering drug paraphernalia, possession of drug paraphernalia and driving without a license. During a search of the suspect’s clothes, police found a marijuana pipe containing a trace amount of marijuana. He was transported to the county jail in Port Orchard.

Feb. 10
Crash: A Bainbridge male damaged the front end of his Subaru car when he veered off Bucklin Hill Road and plunged down an embankment shorly after 9 p.m. The driver, who was uninjured, said he left the roadway to avoid a swerving vehicle in the oncoming lane. He could not provide a description of the other vehicle.

Theft: A Bainbridge boy’s bicycle was stolen after he left it in the woods near the Phelps-Ellingsen roads intersection. The victim said he left the bike to take a bus. When he returned, the bike was gone. Police redacted all descriptions of the bike except that it had handlebars.

Pot: A 28-year-old Bainbridge man was cited for speeding and possessing marijuana after he was pulled over near the Koura Road-Miller Road intersection just before 10 a.m. Police smelled the strong odor of marijuana after pulling the suspect over for traveling 10 mph over the posted 35 mph speed limit. When asked about the odor, the supsect handed over a baggie containing 8 grams of marijuana.

Feb. 9
Theft: A sheep was reported stolen from an animal rescue facility on Rodal Court sometime in the previous 24 hours. The sheep, described as old, large, white, wooly and dirty, had been in an unlocked fenced area. The facility’s manager ruled out a coyote attack because she found no signs of a struggle. Because of the sheep’s advanced age, the manager doubts the sheep would have strayed far if it had left the facility. Police judged that the fenced area was in “good shape,” making it unlikely that it had escaped. The sheep’s value was estimated at $100.

Theft: A Kingston man was arrested for stealing about 50 pieces of firewood from a cousin’s home on Lovgreen Road. Police arrested the suspect at his Kingston home for theft and criminal tresspass. The suspect said he had planned to pay for the wood. The wood was returned to the owner.

Feb. 8
Drunk driving: A Bainbridge female was arrested for drunk driving at the High School Road-Sportsman Club Road intersection just before 11:30 p.m. Police pulled the suspect over because her Jeep had a defective tail light. An officer noticed the suspect smelled strongly of alcohol and had a “deep purplish cast to her face.” The woman begged officers to take her home and not arrest her for drunk driving. She expressed a strong desire to eat and began putting handfuls of nuts and granola into her mouth until an officer told her to stop. She became “agitated and hostile” when asked to step out of her vehicle. During field sobriety testing, the woman berrated police for having been sued and for being violent. She said Bainbridge police shoot people and begged police not to shoot her. She also threatened to have her husband sue the police. She resisted handcuffing and was uncooperative as police led her to a patrol car. She also swore at police, and used a derogatory term for women when addressing a female officer. “Well don’t you feel better now, you’ve saved the world,” she said to officers during her arrest. She also stressed that she did not plan to hurt anyone while driving intoxicated. The suspect’s wrists were red and bruised, likely a result of straining while wearing handcuffs, police said. The suspect denied having consumed alcohol but later said that she was lying. When informed she was going to jail, the suspect became “wildly excited” and said she had a “doctor’s note” that specified she should not go to jail. She also said she shouldn’t go because she is “crazy,” diabetic and would die if locked up, police said. She again resisted handcuffing by curling into a “fetal position.” Once restrained, she was placed in a patrol car. She suddenly kissed an officer’s cheek and called him “cute” while he was placing a seat belt on her. She was booked into the county jail in Port Orchard on $5,000 bail. Her vehicle was impounded.