Police blotter: Man fires four bullets into neighbor’s dog


A man decided to end a backyard battle between what he thought was a coyote, a cat and two raccoons by firing an automatic pistol into the fray. Four bullets hit what he later found out was a family dog owned by one of his neighbors. The dog died later at a Poulsbo trauma center.

Also this week, an oddly high number of crashes involving SUVs.

Feb. 3
Crash: A Ford SUV driven by a Bainbridge woman was severely damaged when it swerved off of Madison Avenue shortly after midnight and struck a street sign post, a tree and a second sign post. The crashes made made the SUV inoperable. Police did not disclose the reason for the crash.

Feb. 2
Crash: A Bainbridge man suffered back and neck injuries after he veered his Volvo car into an oncoming lane on Eagle Harbor Drive and stuck a Toyota Prius car driven by a Bainbridge woman. The collision occurred at 7:20 p.m. The Toyota driver reported no injuries.

Jan. 29
Crash: A Bainbridge woman broke a Country Club Road fire hydrant off its base when she drove her Toyota SUV over it just after 11:30 p.m. The woman said her dog had distracted her, causing her to veer off the road. Her SUV suffered front-end damage.

Jan. 28
Crash: A Bainbridge woman drove her Toyota SUV into the side of a black Mercedes-Benz SUV at the intersection of Phelps and Day roads just after 4:20 p.m. The Toyota driver said she has trouble seeing black vehicles and was wearing dark glasses at the time. No one was injured.

Jan. 27
Dog shooting: A Bainbridge man faces animal cruelty charges after he shot and killed a dog in the backyard of his Agatewood Road home at around 8 p.m. The suspect told police that he thought he heard animals fighting in his yard. Turning on his porch light, the man said he thought he saw a coyote, his neighbor’s white cat and two raccoons fighting in bushes about 60 feet away. He fired four to six rounds from an automatic pistol at the animals in an effort to protect his own cats from what he suspected were dangerous predators. The man discovered he’d shot a dog when it ran toward a beach. The suspect and his wife attempted to load the severely wounded dog into a wheelbarrow but the dog would not allow them to come close. Police muzzled the dog and wrapped it in a blanket. The dog died after arriving at a Poulsbo animal trauma center. The dog, a brown male of about 60 pounds, had been shot four times on one side of its body, medical examiners determined. One bullet struck the dog’s spinal cord, causing paralysis in much of it body. The dog’s owner, a Bainbridge woman, believes her dog had escaped from a wire kennel before entering the man’s yard.