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4 thoughts on “City vows to put money in the bank

  1. Add to the limb prune list BITV’S $286,000 live broadcast contract for Council meetings. COBI Council are spending $5,000 per Council meeting to use 5-star BITV. Use web broadcast like Port Orchard just started and add the $286,000 to the road fund, the police fund.

    COBI Council members do not need 800 hours of live broadcast. I realize politicians are not going to readily “feel the pain” themselves but this is undeniably a place to save $286,000 and still keep the Council available on YouTube or the net.

  2. When the wife of James M. Olsen of Shining City Media, was filming COBI meetings for BITV, he sang a different tune, which can be heard in his candid interview on Youtube, ‘James Olsen 2’. “BITV is an honest, honest broker. BITV is all about our Island.” James M. Olsen- Shining City Media. Of course, that was before he was voted out of BITV.

  3. Yes, while the issue with this live broadcast is about the money ($286,000), we also have the collateral issue of a public community station’s fall from grace. COBI can deal with whomever they want, responsible or irresponsible, but BITV is not what meets the eye. BITV’s precipitous fall from grace in my words is listed here. James Olsen Part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kiU3qO98xQ4.

    COBI, swear off the BITV pork-o-rama and show us you want to do the economical alternative.

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