American Marine’s failure hits home

In another followup story about American Marine’s failure, Sun business reporter Rachel Pritchett touched on what the bank meant to some of the island’s prominent businesses.

Here’s a bit:

“American Marine has been our bank since Day 1,” said Larry Nakata, president of Town & County Markets Inc. Regularly during the past 52 years, his company got American Marine loans as it expanded its premium grocery stores off the island into Poulsbo and greater Seattle.

Winslow Paint Company owner Mary Hall remembers that it was former American Marine CEO Bess Alpaugh who believed in her and Ken Schuricht when they took over Winslow Hardware in 1994. The bank didn’t forget them later when they opened Winslow Paint Company on Hildebrand Lane.

“We’re very, very, very connected with them,” Hall said.

Rachel also spoke with the widow of American Marine’s founder, Lou Goller, who opened the bank in 1948.

“He would have been horrified, certainly,” said 94-year-old Gloria Goller when asked how her husband would have felt about the failure of the bank. “Old faithful gone bad.”

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  1. Thanks for this article about how the demise of American Marine Bank has affected Islanders. It would be good if the community could hold a memorial service for this central Island institution, the bank that reflected and supported our community for so long.

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