Police blotter: Officer overhears boater boast of “good weed”


This week, a police officer visiting an Eagle Harbor marina overheard a loud and boastful boater tell his friends about how he always has excellent pot. His interest piqued, the officer hung around to learn more.

The blotter’s below.

Jan. 27
Crash: Three people were treated for minor injuries after the SUV they were traveling in was struck by another SUV on Highway 305 shortly after 3 p.m. The driver, a Port Orchard resident, failed to yield to oncoming traffic as she entered 305 from Day Road, according to police. Her SUV suffered damage to its passenger side. She and her passengers were transported to a hospital. The driver of the second vehicle, a Bainbridge woman, suffered no injuries. The front end of her vehicle was damaged.

Jan. 24
Pot: A Seattle man was arrested for possessing a small amount of marijuana and a marijuana pipe at Winslow Wharf Marina just before 11 p.m. Police, who were called to the area on a noise complaint, heard three people talking loudly inside a boat docked at the Eagle Harbor marina. An officer could smell alcohol and marijuana smoke. He also heard a male voice talking about how he had “lots of green leafy stuff” and that he always has “good weed.” He also mentioned he dropped his pipe in the harbor and had to fashion a makeshift pipe to replace it. The officer shined a flashlight into the boat and confronted the occupants. “All three suddenly lost the ability to talk,” the officer noted. The boat’s owner initially declined to let the officer search his vessel. He changed his mind when police began the process of obtaining a search warrent. Just over a gram of marijuana and a homemade pipe were found under cushions in the boat.

Jan. 22
Theft: A check book and $1,000 money order were reported stolen from a vehicle when it was unoccupied at Madison Avenue church or at the Safeway store.

4 thoughts on “Police blotter: Officer overhears boater boast of “good weed”

  1. A Seattle man was ARRESTED for having less than a gram of pot. Good gawd, we really need to change the laws. I wonder how much that costs taxpayers for that massive drug bust! what a joke.

  2. If people are going to break the law (I’m not saying the law is just)you should have the smarts to not broadcast it at such an obnoxious volume so as to \force\ the local PD to act on your stupidity. The stupid-er you get the less discretion you leave the police. If you want to make noise, go to Olympia and get the law ammended.

  3. Obviously the boaters were being loud and obnoxious; the officer was responding to a noise complaint. What would have been helpful here is a little discretion. All the officer had to do was tell them to keep it down. Beginning criminal proceedings over less than a gram (or anyone’s personal stash, for that matter) is simply a huge waste of resources. If the BI police have nothing better to do, perhaps they should be disbanded and the Kitsap sheriff can take over the island beat.

  4. All three men lost the ability to speak? Must have been some of that good SeattleBest. Tax that weed!

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