City considering reneging on compensation agreement with city workers

The city employees union was quick to respond to a City Council proposal to drop a furlough agreement provision that gives workers 10 paid days off in each of the next two years.

“It’s ridiculous,” a union rep said today.

The paid days are compensation for an equal number of unpaid days employees agreed to in 2009 and 2010.

Cutting the 20 paid days off in 2011 and 2012 could save the money $540,000, but the union says it goes against an agreement signed just last month.

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One thought on “City considering reneging on compensation agreement with city workers

  1. I actually think the Union should tell the council to bugger off on this one. Until the council cuts non-essential spending and bloated management/supervisors, why should the trench workers give up pay that they negotiated in good faith? Perhaps the council can then decide to cut further employees (and suffer the consequences of that) or bite the political bullet and make the hard decisions to actally cut non-essential funding.

    Council refused to take a $30 a month pay cut themselves last year (in fact they have refused to give any of their salary back to the city). Had they taken the $30 cut, one of the city unions would have made consessions worth $30,000 back to the city. Brackett, Vancil & Knobloch were the ones responsible for the city losing the 30,0000, as they are the ones that chose to instead badmouth the employees for daring them to make their own concessions, then voted against the proposal.

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