Police blotter: Sailboat hit-and-run


A visiting sailboater hit a another sailboat in Eagle Harbor this week and then caught a fast wind to Tacoma. Bainbridge police tracked him down, with a little help of some keen-eyed liveaboards.

Also this week, a little more news on Bainbridge’s burgeoning prostitution trade.

Dec. 28
Burglary: A piece of jewelry was stolen from an unlocked New Sweden Avenue home sometime between Dec. 24 and the 28th. The jewelry, valued at $69, was in a gift box sitting out in the open. Nothing else was stolen and the home did not appear to have been searched.

Dec. 27
Prostitution: A Bainbridge female was arrested for having a warrant for prostitution in Seattle. The suspect was initially pulled over for speeding 19 mph over the speed limit on New Brooklyn Road. A check of her record indicated the $2,500 prostitution warrant.

Dec. 26
Crash: A Seattle male lost control of his SUV on Eagle Harbor Drive just before 12:15 p.m. and crashed into a fence and a tree. The driver said patches of ice on the road caused his SUV to spin around and off the roadway. He was uninjured. The driver’s side of his SUV suffered significant damage.

Dec. 17
Hit-and-run: A sailboat collided with a another sailboat moored at an Eagle Harbor marina at approximately 7:30 a.m. Liveaboards in nearby vessels were awakened by a loud scraping sound. The impact caused two deep scrapes on the moored vessel. Two liveaboard witnesses saw a white 30-foot sailboat leave the area. They determined that its home berth was in Tacoma. Police contacted the owner, a Tacoma man who spent the night in the harbor. He said he heard a loud “crunch” and saw one of his windows had broken. He did not think he caused damage to the moored boat. He had gone below deck while thinking his boat was in neutral when, in fact, it was in drive.