City gets a clean audit

Bainbridge city officials are touting a clean audit for the 2008 fiscal year.

In a presentation to the Bainbridge City Council last week, the state auditor’s staff noted they found no “deficiencies in internal control over financial reporting that they consider to be material weaknesses.” Auditors also reported no findings of concern in the city’s financial reporting, compliance and other matters, according to a city press release.

The city didn’t get such a good audit last year. Read about it here.

The final 2008 audit report is expected in early January.

Read the full press release below.

BAINBRIDGE ISLAND, December 28, 2009 – Representatives of the Washington State Auditor’s Office (SAO) met today with City staff and Council members to present the results of their audit of the City’s 2008 fiscal year.

The Auditor’s Office issued an “unqualified opinion” on the City’s financial statements, indicating that statements are “presented fairly in all material respects” and that they had not identified “any deficiencies in internal control over financial reporting that they consider to be material weaknesses.” Auditors also reported no findings of concern in relation to the City’s internal control over financial reporting, compliance and other matters.

“This is good news — I’ve very pleased with the results of this audit,” said Interim City Manager Lee Walton. “The auditors’ reports reflect well on our hard-working financial team and their commitment to timely and accurate reporting.”

Walton noted that the auditors did identify some areas in which the City’s procedures could be improved, although they said the items were “not significant enough” for inclusion in the audit. “This is not unusual,” Walton said, “the ‘exit items’ noted in this audit were insignificant compared to those I’ve seen at many other cities. What you do is correct those deficiencies. We’ve already implemented new systems in 2009 that will resolve several of these issues, and we’ll be taking care of the others over the next few months.”

The SAO performs regular financial and legal compliance audits of all state agencies and local governments. The standard annual audit for fiscal year 2008 included two primary elements, a review of the city’s financial statements, and an evaluation of its accountability in relation to internal controls and compliance with state and city laws and regulations.

Draft copies of the Auditor’s reports on each area were distributed at the meeting. The SAO representatives present at the meeting noted that they expect final audit reports to be issued in a few weeks.

The State Auditor’s office now offers a free service that allows subscribers to be notified by email when audit reports are released or posted to their web site. The service can be accessed at

6 thoughts on “City gets a clean audit

  1. Well done Elray and team. The city is broke, but at least we know how broke we are. Too bad the council doesn’t understand that this would be a good time to stop spending money they/we don’t have.

  2. You find what you look for. This was not an independent audit drilling down but a drive-by examination and it was for 2008. So the debits and credits balanced. What was totally out of whack was the abysmal spending waste done by Mayor K and her compliant Council.

  3. This is not so much an ‘achievement’ but a requirement. It’s kind of like saying, “Once again, I got through the day without breaking any laws!” Well, good for you. You’re not supposed to break any laws anyway.

  4. This I would bet is an accomplishment resulting from the fact we rid ourselves of the worst mayor ever and our City Controller was now able to his job w/o Mayor intrudence. We need a parade to celebrate the final outing of the EX_MAYOR.

  5. Nick… Yes, she was the worst elected official in the history of democracy, but there’s no need to pile on the insults with a parade. Maybe we could all just raise a glass in her general direction. The wicked witch is gone.

  6. X-Mayor K was not the Bainbridge “Mad Monk” Rasputin using evil powers to drive the city to ruin. Mayor K has the compliance and support of Council who abdicated their responsibilities. If you watch these Council members and staff at the end of the linked video, remember X-Mayor K had a full staff of supporters and apologists. Don’t heap all the blame on what you call the Wicked Witch.

    See Deceit Deception Bainbridge for the full cast of culprits:

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