Police blotter: Bespittled patrol car declared a bio-hazard

She kicked, she bit, and once safely inside a patrol car, a drunk but apparently well-hydrated woman filled the backseat with so much spit and snot that police declared it a “biological hazard.” The slimed car was removed from service and now awaits a professional cleaning.

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Dec. 21
Assault: A Bainbridge woman was arrested for assaulting her husband at their Day Road home just before 9 p.m. Both the suspect and victim had called 911 but said their dispute was verbal only. The victim, whose mouth was bleeding, initially said he had fallen and hurt himself. Later, he admitted that the suspect had slapped him twice. Their fight, he said, stemmed from the suspect’s unhappiness in the level of work the victim was putting into the family business. He said they’ve never had a physical fight in nearly 50 years of marriage. The suspect was transported to the county jail.

Dec. 18
Assault: A Bainbridge woman was arrested for assaulting two Bainbridge police officers, resisting arrest, violating a no-contact order and malicious mischief shortly after midnight. Police were initially called to a Cherry Avenue home to investigate the violation of a no-contact order. Upon arriving at the scene, police were told by the caller that the suspect had fled on foot. The suspect repeatedly kicked the officer that found her near the home. Other officers assisted in handcuffing the suspect, who resisted arrest, yelled obscenities and smelled strongly of alcohol, police said. Once handcuffed, the suspect bit an officer’s arm, spat on him and kicked him. The victim told police that the suspect had entered his home and began yelling at his dog. The victim informed her he had a no-contact order against her and that she must leave his home. She spoke incoherently and appeared intoxicated, he said. When the victim tried to take some cans of beer from the suspect’s purse, the suspect began punching and kicking him. The suspect fled after one of the victim’s daughters intervened. Police transported the suspect to the county jail. The victim deposited large amounts of saliva and mucus in a patrol car, rendering it a “biological hazard,” police said. The car was removed from service until it is professionally cleaned.

Dec. 16
Keyed: About $450 worth of damage was done to a car parked at Wilkes Elementary School. Police believe a key was used to cause the damage.

Dec. 15
Hit: A Poulsbo woman was struck by an SUV as she walked on a crosswalk near the Winslow ferry terminal just before 10 p.m. The SUV driver, a Bremerton man, said he did not see the victim. The victim was thrown to the ground by the impact. Her injuries were minor and were treated at the scene.

Drunk driving: A Suquamish man was arrested for drunk driving on Highway 305 near Hidden Cove Road just before 5:30 p.m. Police were alerted by another driver who saw the suspect fighting with his female passenger. Police found the suspect standing near his truck along the side of the road. The suspect allowed police to search his truck, where three small bottles of whiskey were found. Once arrested and en route to the county jail, the suspect became angry and began insulting officers and said the police were lucky he decided not to fight them.

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  1. which crosswalk near the Winslow ferry?

    That new light on the Olympic Drive crosswalk is my guess. Ever since they put in the light, cars figure they have the right of way and commutes are to special to wait for the light. I have seen so many close calls there since they put that light in for “safety”.

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