BI clean energy company gets $350 million grant

A Bainbridge Island company has received a $350 million federal stimulus grant to help build a cutting-edge coal power plant in Texas that greatly reduces the amount of air emissions.

“This is not a science experiment. This is a commercial plant,” said Eric Redman, president of Summit Power Group of Bainbridge Island.

In today’s Kitsap Sun, business reporter Rachel Pritchett writes that Summit has developed technology that would capture 90 percent of the carbon dioxide produced by the plant. The gas would then be condensed and deposited deep underground.

The plant could produce enough energy for 400,000 homes.

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4 thoughts on “BI clean energy company gets $350 million grant

  1. Toby, not a lot of other options at this point unless we want to go back to living in caves. But what you talkin’ about, Willis?

    Nuclear is incredibly safe, but not very clean… the Navy has proven that. Sequestering CO2 from coal fired plants is doable, though not incredibly efficient. Natural gas is the cleanest of all the fossil fuels.

    Wind is fine in some locations, but only while the wind is blowing. Solar is great, but only when the sun is shining. We don’t have any battery technology capable of storing enough power to run a city at night.

    What alternatives do you suggest?

  2. Toby,
    As someone that appears to depend on high-tech / software for a living, can you tell me how you can survive your current lifestyle without the energy sources we all live with? If this company can produce cleaner energy, I am all for it & wish them good luck.

  3. Toby — Do you have any idea how many nuclear weapons and active reactors are within a few miles of your Poulsbo home? If you think nuclear is unsafe, why do you live here with your family? If I am missing your point, please clarify.

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