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7 thoughts on “City evokes 9/11 and Grey’s Anatomy in response to McCain stimulus report

  1. Nice try Interim Manager Lee Walton with your spin on why we need these very sophisticated vessels on our inventory. Oh, and I know these come with all sorts of electronic, navigation and funding goodies but the scenario you lay out is too far fetched. 9/11 — Please !

    We have Seattle fireboats on ready along with Coast Guard assets alongside the ferry terminal. No matter how sophisticated these boy toys are, they are useless unless manned 7x24x365 to respond to your scenario. Where do the crews for these vessels reside? Silverdale? Poulsbo? What is the fastest they can get underway fully manned with qualified sailor/policemen?

    And Interim Manager, how about concentrating your attention on COBI core missions: fix the roads and land-side police security.

  2. Actually all they needed to say was, “Port Orchard’s police boat is a much bigger waste than ours”.

  3. This reminds me on Gov Jindal slamming the stimulus for including increased volcano monitoring – maybe they should cut hurricane monitoring.

    McCain also does not comment on the fact that it was HIS committee – Homeland Security – that authorized the inital purchase ($650k) for the more modern police boat in 2007. Of course that was during the Bush administration when no one cared who about earmarks and wasting money.

    I can’t believe McCain and Coburn are quibbling about $190k out of $152 BILLION in stimulus funding – I bet there was more pork money in the stimulus for their states than 1 boat.

  4. And what’s interesting is that beneath the spin, the city’s official response basically admits that McCain’s report is correct – the City of Bainbridge Island has no need whatsoever of the boat. They only have it in the unlikely event they are called on to backup the Coast Guard or the WSF.

    Then they follow this by, once again, trying the tired old ‘fear the terrorists!’ scare tactic, while ignoring the main point of the McCain report… Which is that stimulus funds were meant to be spent on job creation, not security.

  5. What a huge waste of money- NO way can this boat be justified. A horse for the street patrol would have been a better expenditure. And our inter-rim mgr. spent his time with this BS justification. He too must go. Lets just go back to County rule and be done with it.

  6. Unfortunately, very few in Congress or any other high elective or appointed office have ever run a business. They may truly believe that the things they’ve bought with the “stimulus” money would help put people back to work. Thus far, they’ve been wrong.

    The way to get people back to work is to loan money to small businesses. The government definition of a small business is one with fewer than 500 employees. These are the companies that write the most paychecks, not the brokerage firms or banks. Loan them the money, and when they pay it back, loan it to another. The banks just might figure out that this is a good business to be in and start lending again. Win-win.

    Instead, the money bailed out Wall Street and sent pork to every Congressional district, based on seniority. Hence, this ridiculous boat.

    Are the ferries an attractive terrorist target? Yes. Could a terrorist drive enough explosives onto a boat in a U-haul to sink it? Sure. Would the occasional dog patrol catch them first? I hope so. Would the patrol boat stop them? Duh, no.

    This press release is pro forma for gov’t officials. Don’t blame them. It is to be expected. Blame Congress and the administration wonks wo wasted so much taxpayer money.

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