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9 thoughts on “UPDATED: Bainbridge police expecting a riot?

  1. I get it now. They finally plan to start enforcing the vehicle code and city ordinances that prohibit U-turns downtown, talking on cell phones, speeding everywhere, parking downtown while shopping/working in Seattle. They know it will cause a riot. Oh, the humanity!

  2. According to the LA council motions posted online, the helmets are out of warranty and would cost LA $415 a piece to dispose of. Sounds like LA got a deal, not sure what Bainbridge got.

  3. After reading what Mr. Fehlmen said, I am confused. He states that the LAPD helmets are to replace “expired” helmets that they already own. According to LAPD ( http://clkrep.lacity.org/onlinedocs/2009/09-2433_rpt_cla_10-15-09.pdf )the helmets that BIPD is getting are basically being given away due to the fact that the warranty is expired and that LA could not “realistically sell” the helmets. It seems that instead of having to pay to recycle/dispose of the helmets, they are giving it away and saving LA some money. In place of going to a landfill or being shredded & recycled, BIPD wants to put them on their heads?

    I’m not sure I want officers going on a “high risk search warrant” with equipment that is out of warranty. I know the city is low on money, but why are they putting officers unnecessarily at risk with out of date equipment? Wonder what OSHA, WISHA, or state labor & industries would think of that?

  4. Chief Fehlman’s creative way to help supply not only our own police department, but also Poulsbo and Suquamish, with perfectly good equipment at a savings (amongst the three)of more than $20,000, is to be commended, and is appreciated by this resident.

  5. I believe Jon Fehlman to be a grounded, caring, professional. What a perfect explanation to a funny sounding story. Kudos for his resourcefulness.

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