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UPDATED: Bainbridge police expecting a riot?


The Los Angeles Downtown News reported today that the LAPD sold 75 used riot helmets to the Bainbridge police department.

Yes, that was 75 riot helmets. That’ll protect about 50 more heads than are ever in the Bainbridge police station at any one time.

Sound odd? The LA Downtown News thinks so.

“Bainbridge Island, Wash., sits in the Puget Sound about 35 minutes by ferry from Seattle. According to the city’s website, the 28-square-mile island has a “friendly aura, small town charm, and natural environments.”

And riots, maybe?”

You can read the rest of their post here.

I put in a call to the BIPD today for comment. Not holding my breath though. It took over a month to get a few bare facts about their recent federally-funded police boat upgrade, despite the calls, the e-mails, the in-person how-do-you-do’s. But I digress.

Until we know more, I suppose we can just imagine the types or riots (maybe over Strawberry Plant Park?) 75 newly-helmeted police might need to quash on this idyllic isle.

***UPDATE: The Bainbridge police chief got back to me today (Saturday). The helmets are to replace old ones, and the remainder will be sent to nearby police departments, he said. Click here for my news story.

By the way, I got plenty of tongue-in-cheek e-mails guessing what the helmets might be used for.

Here’s a sample:

-“Hopefully the experiences gained in quelling the disturbances in South L.A. will travel with the helmets, and provide the officers with a sense of how to master the riots down here on South Bainbridge. Ours is a most unruly and uncivil population in need of control.”

-“…the helmets are made of plastic, so maybe we could have them ground up, like tires, and reused as playfields? Save a few bucks, maybe?”

-“Listen, I’m down here in LA for a few days…and I’m thinking I could save the city a few bucks on shipping. Wonder if I should stop by the LA Police Department’s surplus shop and carry back a couple helmets in my luggage?”

Beloved breadmobile returning to Lynwood Center

On Tuesday, I reported on the city cracking down on a breadmobile that’s been selling artisan bread and pastries from a Lynwood Center parking lot. If you haven’t yet, read the story here.

The breadmobile’s predicament sparked quite a response from its fans, from Kitsap Sun readers and from Treehouse Cafe owner Arnie Sturham, who announced today that breadmobile driver/bread seller Elliott Yakush is welcome to set up shop in a corner of Treehouse starting Monday.

Rumor has it a Seattle TV station has caught wind and is on its way.

Until then, you can read on (below) for my update on the breadmobile saga.

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