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3 thoughts on “All in a night’s work at the “funny farm”

  1. Now wait a minute: didn’t we just change our form of government to improve just this sort of spectacle? Didn’t we throw out Mayor K to bring Our Island to the Promised Land of Sustainability and Civility? What gives? Was there wild drinking from the Councilpeople or the unwashed masses in the gallery?

    Added to this was the additional funding of the arts shake-down racket. The Sun ran a front page picture of the shake-down group saying: LET THERE BE ART. And Council reward this nonsense with almost $50K of the People’s Money. COBI believes strongly in allowing their favorite Sacred Cows to eat the the public trough.

    Did Peters raise the issue of his new car tax so we can fund the arts?

  2. I wish I was there for this Circus.

    Three guesses whoi cried? Can you believe we have put on our Council a person who under pressure cries. Resign if you can’t take the heat! AND YOU CAN’T so RESIGN.

    And who pray tell is the Ex-Mayor to talk about the funny farm. She is the farm, and it ain’t funny, but rather pathetic.

  3. I don’t agree with the car tax, but contrary to what one local sign-maker says, Barry Peters already pays taxes. Who we should really start taxing is Shining City Media.

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