Daily Archives: December 3, 2009

All in a night’s work at the “funny farm”

The City Council meeting ended with a bang last night. A few citizens yelled at the council, the mayor slammed his gavel a bunch, a guy got thrown out by the police chief, a councilwoman called a free speech foul and, just before the stroke of midnight, the controversial beach restoration plan for Strawberry Plant Park was approved.

But that’s not all: a former council candidate shook a copy of the Kitsap Sun and declared the city insane, a current council member shed a few tears, and a former mayor compared City Hall to a funny farm.

Maybe they should charge admission for the next show.

Here are the news stories that came out of it all:

Bainbridge Ups Arts Funding by $43,000

Bainbridge Council Approves Strawberry Plant Park Plan at Contentious Meeting