When the earthquake hits Seattle, grab a bicycle

EarthquakeSeattleAll you bike commuters can breathe a sigh of relief.

Turns out, a bicycle (preferably the mountain variety) is the safest place to be when the 10.5 earthquake hits Seattle.

As seen in footage from a new old TV miniseries dramatizing Seattle’s destruction (screen shot to the left), bicycles are a great way to escape collapsing scaffolding, exploding windows and 1960s-era landmarks as they topple your way. Bikes also allow you to do sweet jumps over steaming chasms bursting from Seattle’s streets.

See it all here.

3 thoughts on “When the earthquake hits Seattle, grab a bicycle

  1. The series is not “new” but aired on NBC more than five years ago. Puzzled as to why it is being mentioned five years later. Even the Youtube post which you linked to was from 2007.

  2. John,
    I stand corrected. It is an old TV show. Guess I should get a TV, huh? Is Silver Spoons still on?

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