Daily Archives: December 1, 2009

When the earthquake hits Seattle, grab a bicycle

EarthquakeSeattleAll you bike commuters can breathe a sigh of relief.

Turns out, a bicycle (preferably the mountain variety) is the safest place to be when the 10.5 earthquake hits Seattle.

As seen in footage from a new old TV miniseries dramatizing Seattle’s destruction (screen shot to the left), bicycles are a great way to escape collapsing scaffolding, exploding windows and 1960s-era landmarks as they topple your way. Bikes also allow you to do sweet jumps over steaming chasms bursting from Seattle’s streets.

See it all here.

Will Bainbridge birth a “green” Big Brother?

Puget Sound Energy’s pilot project to reduce energy use on Bainbridge Island is giving Kitsap Sun political columnist Pam Dzama visions of a dystopian future in which the government regulates all energy use and bananas are a controlled substance.

“The government started slowly to implement procedures which rescued the world. The first thing targeted was energy usage. It started as a pilot program on Bainbridge Island in 2009 when a number of Island residents agreed to have a thermostat installed in their homes which could be controlled by Puget Sound Energy in times of high electricity use. It was supposed to regulate in-home power consumption without having to build an additional substation. It was a success. By 2020 those thermostats were in all residential and commercial buildings nationwide and electricity use was regulated by the government.

After this energy regulation was enacted, everyone in the country was assigned a personal “carbon allowance.” A “green road tax” was imposed and massive transit programs initiated to get people out of vehicles.”

Also in the year 2065: Ford begins making tiny solar-powered “Clever Cars,” the government mandates monthly home safety inspections, and sugar, beef and pineapple are sold only on the black market.

Read more of Dzama’s column here.

Coming up: BI’s Christmas in the Country

Kitsap Sun columnists Christina Rude and Cindy Lester wrote an enthusiastic piece about this weekend’s island-wide Christmas in the Country event.

“Next weekend, this should be the No. 1 destination marked on your calendar. There is something for everyone! Christmas in the Country is a delightful event that lures people back year after year from all over the Northwest. This adventure will take you all throughout Bainbridge traveling from farm to home to studio to stable as you follow the scenic map throughout the island to six different locations.”

Read the rest of their column here.