Arts supporters protest city cuts


Dozens of people dressed in red and carrying signs filled the council chambers at City Hall last night to protest the city’s cuts to programs benefiting the arts.

The city’s support for the Bainbridge Island Arts and Humanities Council, which funnels the money to dozens of grants and cultural programs, was cut by 63 percent this year. The reduced support of is likely to continue into next year.

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And check out photographer Jesse Beals’ photo gallery of the protest here.

5 thoughts on “Arts supporters protest city cuts

  1. If they really care so much about the arts they should donate the necessary money instead of demanding it from the taxpayers.

  2. Well, again thank the ex-Mayor for the mess with the budget. What do we have a month or month and a half left of her being around? I suspect, although we might not be told that the house cleaner will turn up issue after issue when he gets into the City problems and all, repeat ALL, lay at the ex-Mayor’s doorstep. Of course if arts are to persist the City needs to support them or they will go the same direction as art in schools- unfunded and cease to exist.

  3. In addition to that $136k already in the 2010 budget, the council is set on December 2nd to add another $40k to BIAHC through LTAC funding. The city should be spending on essential government services at this time, any money that the arts & other non-essential services gets should be received with thanks. Not the constant whinning and complaining that Bainbridge is used to getting everytime a council pet-organization doesn’t get their way (or money).

  4. There is no Santa Claus, but there is a wonderful Christmas Angel who has helped A Is For Artists Gallery down on Bejune Dr. stay open and alive. Thank you, Christmas Angel, where ever you are. You are the best!

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