Daily Archives: November 23, 2009

Will the Bainbridge Graduate Institute leave Bainbridge?


The Bainbridge Graduate Institute is on the lookout for a campus of its own.

Possibly on Bainbridge, but also possibly in Poulsbo, Seattle or Port Gamble.

BGI board member Dal LaMagna (an interesting guy in his own right) is leading the effort to scout out possible campuses.

Port Gamble (pictured above) is looking pretty enticing right now. It just so happens they have 40 acres set aside for an educational campus, and are excited about wooing BGI to their little company town.

Of course, few on Bainbridge want to see the innovative sustainable business school leave the island.

For more, read the story I wrote for Sunday’s paper.

And then check out LaMagna’s blog, BGI Campus, where you can watch a half-hour discussion between LaMagna and Port Gamble’s Jon Rose (also an interesting guy, check out the profile of him I wrote a few years back) about a possible partnership in the years to come.