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6 thoughts on “Winslow Way project delayed

  1. Read the article in the Sun today. The on-line version has been edited. X-Mayor K blames everyone for this problem except for herself, her staff and Council. Mayor K did such as royally bad job they had to change the form of government to get rid of her.

    Check out this YouTube and Mayor K’s assurance COBI finances are “just fine.”

    Double-click the image: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lz-e3n68VT8 or go to YouTube.com title: Deceit Deception Mayoral Recall.

  2. Tristan — after rechecking, you are correct. There also was the Nat Levy article over on the Review site but you had the great quotes from Mayor K. saying this work was not done for 20 years because of the rascals thwarting her.

    Thanks for clearing up the issue of an edited article.

  3. The damage has been done by the ex-mayor and she because of her absolute inabilities to either manage or lead did irreparable damage to the City and its budget. She is gone, thank God! from any responsible position very very soon. So lets get on with the repairs and hopefully Peters and Franz will resign and then all the rotten apples are GONE.

  4. Oh Jimmy! The only issue was how you could find a way to advertise another of your horrible yellow videos. Y-E-L-L-O-W. Since you are no longer allowed on television, you must be relieved that youtube will show anything, including ‘When Not To —-(break wind)’. Lucky for you.

  5. Mommy Dearest — is that you? What is that all over your face? We hardly recognize you and now you don’t even have a name. At least you are not fully color blind — although senile.

    If you can find your coke-glasses, watch this telling reminder of the cast of amateurs that got COBI in the mess we are currently in. Mayor K and her minions did their damage. See YouTube.com http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lz-e3n68VT8

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