Police blotter: Woman steps out of shower, finds drunken stranger


This week, a Bainbridge woman stepped from her morning shower to find a drunken teenage girl wandering her house. When asked by police where she thought she was, the teen answered “Jerome’s terminal.”

Also this week, a Poulsbo man almost punched someone and almost hit a pedestrian with his van before definitely getting arrested for drunk driving.

The blotter’s below.

Nov. 15
Theft: An 18-year-old Bainbridge man was arrested for stealing a credit card and using it to make under $30 in fraudulent purchases at Bainbridge and Suquamish businesses. While getting a ride from an acquaintance on Nov. 12, the suspect stole the card from a purse owned by the driver’s mother. The victim learned of the theft when a cyclist found the card on Highway 305 near the Coyote espresso stand in Suquamish. Using video surveillance footage acquired at one of the stores where the card was used, police identified the suspect and called him. The suspect admitted to stealing and using the card. He was transported to the county jail.

Nov. 13
Drunk driving: A Poulsbo female was arrested for drunk driving on North Madison Avenue just before 9 p.m. Police initially observed the suspect’s vehicle weaving in her lane at a slow speed. Once pulled over, the suspect said her erratic driving was due to her attempts to find her eye glasses in her vehicle. At first, she said she didn’t know whether she’d been drinking but later admitted to having consumed two drinks. After failing a series of field sobriety tests, the suspect was transported to the county jail.

Burglary: A Grow Avenue resident reported that his home had been broken into and a 40-inch TV and a Playstation video game were stolen. The victim said the burglary occurred sometime during the day before 3:45 p.m., when he returned and found his door kicked in. Losses were valued at $950.

Nov. 12
Drugs: Police found several items associated with heroin use at a Vincent Road home just before 12:30 p.m. Police had been investigating the area after receiving a report of a male sleeping in a car. The male, when contacted in the car, declined to give the police any information. Recognizing the male from prior arrests and investigations, police then went to the house of a known acquaintance to see if the male had been staying there. A resident invited police in and let them look in a bedroom where the male was suspected of sleeping. There they found two mattresses and several used and unused hypodermic needles on the dresser, night stands and floor. Glass pipes commonly used for drug use were also found. Police believe the residue found in the needles and in a foil container are illegal drugs.

Nov. 11
Drunk driving: A Poulsbo man was arrested for drunk driving on Hildebrand Lane after leaving the Island Grill restaurant just before 8 p.m. Police were called to the scene after the suspect tried to punch someone at the restaurant and then nearly struck a pedestrian when he drove his van up on a curb while attempting to leave.
Police found the suspect at the nearby Chevron gas station. The suspect smelled strongly of alcohol and was “very cocky and belligerent, sarcastic, argumentative, uncooperative,” an officer said. After refusing to take a breath test or field sobriety tests, the suspect was handcuffed and taken to the county jail. A search of his possessions turned up a glass pipe commonly used to smoke marijuana.

Nov. 9
Drunken trespass: An Eagle Place resident exited her shower just before 8 a.m. to find an unknown teenage girl standing in her home. The girl was extremely intoxicated and said she had been dropped off at the house by friends. Police found the girl sleeping on a couch in the house when they arrived. Once nudged awake, the girl said she thought she was at “Jerome’s terminal.” Her speech was slurred and she smelled strongly of alcohol. She identified herself as a Bainbridge resident and said she had been at a party where several other young people were drinking. She could not recall where the party was or the names of the people who dropped her off. The resident said the girl was wandering upstairs in her house when she got out of the shower. When confronted, the girl went outside. The resident, seeing that the girl was not well, escorted her to her living room couch. She declined to press charges.