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13 thoughts on “Police blotter: Bunny causes drunken crash

  1. There have been a lot of reports about missing political signs. None this week, but no matter. If you are concerned about all of the signage posted in our public thoroughfares, call George Sterling-842-0675. I did, and I plan on supporting him and his efforts.

  2. George Sterling says he isn’t going to practice the local game of stealing political signs — unlike crime guy and MR. George said he wants to be legal in his endeavors to remove political signs he doesn’t like. Good for you George !! Now hold to your word.

    George, how about the flood of other signs all over BI? Do they distress you as these other signs seem to do?

  3. Mr. Olsen,I am in complete agreement with Mr. Sterling. Your claims that you know who has stolen your signs are as hollow and as baseless as LTWs claims to have the inside track on anything.

  4. Manchurian Rose — my same admonition to you given to George Sterling (tel: 842-0675): keep it legal and don’t engage in the local vigilante anti-free speech games like they do in DPRNK. You know of what I speak. Work with George Sterling as you wish but keep your hands off political signs that don’t belong to you. A lesson the crime guy failed to learn.

  5. Detective Olsen, Thank God! you have finally cracked this ‘cold case’ that has plagued the Island for years. When can we expect some hard evidence that will bring this elusive “crime guy” to justice? Good work, Detective.

  6. Hi Jim, Say, I just heard from a confidential source, possibly to be named later, who knows a guy that used to be married to the sister of someone who knows a guy who says that the people who have really been stealing your signs, are laughing right in your face. Right in your face!

  7. Hi Jim, I’ve found that if you go to Youtube, and search ‘BITV Crime Censored Rebuttal’, not only does your goofy bully pulpit video pop up, but so does ‘Bainbridge Blotter’,October 2008, which contains the 25 second clip where I give the ‘secret’ directions to some of your signs,(Sportsmans and High School Rd.,New Brooklynn and Sportsmans, Miller RD. by 305, High School Rd by the library and by Safeway, and of course, the one in front of the police station). Funny how that works. I know that you know, in your black heart,(you old Grinch), that I am against all crime, but I must admit that I am always amused when I read yet another police report, (how many police reports have there been,25 or 30?)about some of your signs being stolen. I have this vision of you, drunk on cheap beer,staggering around your yard, banging your head against the wall of your sign factory and crying out in your nasally little voice, “Why me, you ankle biters?” And then, LTW helps you make some more signs, you put them out so the “thugs” can steal them again, and then you drink some more beer and maybe eat a few stale peanuts before you start pounding your head against your factory wall again, and crying “Why me, you anti-free speech miscreants?” It always makes me laugh. One wonders why you don’t learn any new tricks. ‘Old Dog’ syndrome? One also wonders why, after all of your experience, how come you haven’t learned to cut costs? $10 a sign? What do you use, gold nails? Haven’t you heard? You can have them professionally made for $3 a pop, less than the price of a six-pack of Schlitz. How many signs do you figure that those “who should move to DPRNK” have stolen over the years? 1000? 1500? Wow! That’s a lot of money. And a lot of signs. You could have funded some pot hole repair and actually done some good for a change. Well, have a great day, and keep fighting the good fight. I look forward to more of your exploits.

  8. “Methinks the lady doth protest too much”

    Crime reader crime stands for all to see.

  9. November 19-Bainbridge Island-Due to the recent placement of numerous yellow roadside signs, un-named authorities are predicting an increase in thefts. “These thefts have been going on for years,” said one official, ” and these new yellow signs are very easy to find at night, and so, yes, we do expect these crimes to increase.” The official, speaking under the condition of anonymity, tried to downplay any conspiracy theories, and would not speak to the possibility that the thefts are the work of hundreds and hundreds of individual thieves, each targeting one sign apiece, as opposed to the possibility that the thefts are the work of one dedicated individual. With the huge number of thefts over the years,and no solid suspects, citizens are being asked to help, by keeping an eye out for any suspicious roadside behavior. No arrests are expected any time soon.

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