Daily Archives: November 6, 2009

UPDATED: Group sues city over Island Gateway project


A group calling itself the Friends of Bainbridge Island is suing the city of Bainbridge and the developers of the Island Gateway project.

Filed with the Kitsap Superior Court on Tuesday, the lawsuit alleges that the city failed to follow due process in its approval of the 75,000-square-foot project at the intersection of Highway 305 and Winslow Way.

A key issue is the city’s decision to vacate a portion of a 30-foot right-of-way along the west side of the highway to allow more room for the development.

The group contends that the city’s decision did not adequately take into account the vacation’s impact on traffic safety and future mass transit and regional trail options.

“While the city claims to have considered these factors, the (City) Council’s decision was not supported by substantial evidence, was clearly erroneous and arbitrary and capricious,” the lawsuit states.

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