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Hytopoulos widens lead a touch, Scales holds steady

In Bainbridge Island’s two close City Council races, South Ward candidate Kirsten Hytopoulos saw her lead climb slightly while Bob Scales, the leader in the North Ward race, held steady with three percentage points over incumbent Debbie Vancil.

Hytopoulos’ edge rose from 50.5 percent on Tuesday to 50.8 percent on Wednesday. Tim Jacobsen, her opponent, was drawing almost 48.7 percent.

Scales, at 51.1 percent, continues to lead Vancil’s 48.2 percent.

Central Ward candidate Debbi Lester saw her already overwhelming lead grow on Wednesday. She now has 53.5 percent while opponent Dee DuMont’s percentage fell to 45.9 percent.

Lester thanks voters for election lead

Central Ward City Council candidate Debbi Lester had an apparent unbeatable lead in early election returns released Tuesday night. Her opponent, Dee DuMont, conceded defeat shortly after results showed Lester with 53 percent of the vote to DuMont’s 46 percent.

The north and south ward races were too close to call on Tuesday.

Below is a statement Lester released this morning.

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School bond is close…again

The $42 million Bainbridge school bond was passing last night, but by only .19 percent.

That means the bond could, again, come down to just a handful of votes.

Early returns on Tuesday night showed the bond taking 60.19 percent. The bond needs a super-majority of 60 percent to pass.

A virtually identical bond failed by a few votes in May.

We’ll have an updated vote tally by 5 p.m. today.

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