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3 thoughts on “UPDATED: Student attacked with knife at BHS

  1. If the motivation for this event was bullying — and that is a big, unknown “if” at this moment — then let’s find out before punishing the 8th grader too harshly.

  2. That’s an impoortant possibility that needs to be explored. I was a victim of a bully in sixth grade 30 some years ago. This boy would throw me to the ground and hit me every day at recess for months. No one intervened. It was as if everyone, including the teachers were complacent and didn’t care. Until the day that he pulled my hair in class and whispered something about a sexual assault that he had committed on another girl.

    I couldn’t take his abuse any longer. I was so much smaller than him. Nonetheless, I got out of my seat, pulled him up by his collar and said in the most menacing voice I could muster. “If you don’t stop picking on me, this pencil goes through you.”

    That, not surprisingly, did get a response from school authorities. I got sent to the principal’s office, along with the boy, who smiled and said that he “just liked” me and “was trying to be friends.”

    He ended up in prison later in life. He was only 12 when I knew him. I remember a report that he would take cigarettes and burn his girl friends with them. I had seen the marks, but successfully avoided him to this day.

    I remember another girl in the same class. They had consolidated our schools and we were put with kids, that I swear came out of Deliverance. This girl and two of her brothers were in our class and she would bully kids mercilessly through elementary school, junior high and high school. I could not avoid her. I remember how vicious she would be on a dodge ball court and all my bruises.

    I did run into her at the 30th class reunion. She came up and said, “I don’t remember you at all. Where you in our school?” In response I said, “Really, because you made my life a living hell.” She immediately said my name. So, she did have a memory of those days. Then she said, “I never was unkind to anyone.” I said, “Really, well…” and then I named about a dozen kids she had bullied and said, “they wouldn’t share that assessment.”

    She spent the rest of the evening running whenever she saw me.

    In any case this situation to be investigated thoroughly. Unfortunately, bullying still exists. Not as seriously as it did in years past, I pray, but it still exists.

  3. i heard from my friend who new the victim that the high school student was selling him drugs, and the victim gave him a fake 20$ bill so they got in an argument and stabbed him.

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