An island in the “Salish Sea”

Bainbridge is now officially floating in the Salish Sea.”

The Washington State Board on Geographic Names voted today to bestow the Salish Sea name upon the waterway stretching from Olympia to Quadra Island in British Columbia.

Read about it in Chris Dunagan’s story.

Don’t worry, “Puget Sound” is sticking around. It’s just being rolled into a bigger body of water that includes the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Strait of Georgia.

Didn’t know we had a board of geographic names? Read more about them here.

5 thoughts on “An island in the “Salish Sea”

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  5. What a bunch of PC crap. Are we going to scrub all the names of European explorers and settlers and reach back to pick up names of people that may not have self-identified as such?

    What is going to be the new name of Bainbridge Island? Last I checked,
    “Bainbridge” was a white guy, so that’s gotta go. Same goes for Bremer, Paul, Townsend, etc…

    What was the Salish term for “liberal twit?”

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