Bainbridge, get ready for “water refugees”

Rep. Christine Rolfes (D-Bainbridge Island) predicts Western Washington could become magnet for thirsty people from increasinly parched regions.

Plentiful water may fuel local economic development that could be channeled into clean industries, Rolfes said at a recent Kitsap utility managers conference.

“We are one of the places in our country and the world that can really have a sustainable water system,” Rolfes said. “Water in Washington state is our competitive advantage for the future.”

Read more in Chris Dunagan’s report, here.

One thought on “Bainbridge, get ready for “water refugees”

  1. A “sustainable” water system… unless and until one too many thirsty creatures arrives on the scene to drink it. And trees… each one “consumes” 150-300 gallons of water each day during active growth months.

    “Sustainable” is such a silly word. Nothing is, nor ever will be, sustainable. It is a popular word, but it has no meaning when uttered by a politician.

    Our sun will eventually run out of fuel. GM will go bankrupt, or grow into profitability. Every salmon, orca and polar bear that ever lives will die. Weather and climate will change, with or without human interference.

    These are not bad things. Change is good. It makes life interesting.

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