Police blotter: New job jitters causes car crash


The recession is causing plenty of job security jitters. So I suppose it makes sense that a Seabeck man would be a bit nervous about being lost on Bainbridge Island before his first day of a new job. Pulling a U-turn on the highway and striking a Lexus probably didn’t make is first day go any easier.

This week’s (very short) blotter is below.

Oct. 25
Theft: A Bainbridge man reported that his blue Toyota Corolla was stolen from his Madison Avenue sometime during the night. The keys were inside the car when it was stolen.

Oct. 23
Theft: A Bainbridge man’s dog was given to a rescue shelter and adopted by a new owner without the owner’s consent. The victim had left the dog, a Brittany spaniel, because he did not “want to deal with it having puppies,” police said. The friend told police that the owner never provided financial support for the dog or checked in on it for over two months. The friend paid to have the dog spayed and requested that the veterinarian find the dog “a good home.” The vet said she was unaware of an issue with the dog’s owner. A report was forwarded to the prosecutor’s office.

Oct. 21
Theft: A Bainbridge man reported that his bicycle, valued at $650, was stolen from a covered parking area at his Crystal Springs Drive home.

Crash: Citing new job jitters, a Seabeck man made a sudden U-turn in his pickup on Highway 305, striking a Bainbridge man’s Lexus car. The Seabeck man made the U-turn just as the Bainbridge man was crossing the highway on Day Road. The Seabeck man, who was cited for improper U-turn, said he was nervous about his new job and was lost. Both vehicles suffered front-end damage. No injuries.