Sun endorses Jacobsen, Lester and Scales

The Kitsap Sun’s editorial board endorsed City Council candidates Tim Jacobsen, Debbi Lester and Bob Scales.

The Sun also gave a nod to the local school bond and EMS levy.

Read the endorsements here.

It seems a day didn’t go by recently without someone (sometimes more than one someone) asking me who the Sun was going to endorse. Truth is, I learn who the Sun endorses the same way everyone else does: by reading the paper.

Also, be sure to check out the Sun’s online voter guide. It’s right over here. Lots of information supplied direct by the candidates, and some interactive wizdings to allow side-by-side comparisons.

Happy voting.

13 thoughts on “Sun endorses Jacobsen, Lester and Scales

  1. In terms of endorsements the Kitsap Sun has never met a Bainbridge bond/levy that they did not LOVE. Of course, the money is not theirs. Also in terms of general election endorsements, the Sun has an abysmal batting average.

  2. In my humble opinion,and I could be wrong, but,I am of the belief that Mr. Olsen’s problems with the school district come from the problems he had with them some years back when they wouldn’t teach history as he wanted it taught. I think in the end, there was a restraining order involved. His other current fight, with BITV, and with BIFD, comes from the fact that BITV had enough of his way of doing business and kicked him out, which was a historic first, and I think this is what has made him “mad as h—“. I apologize. So sorry to reference bad words. This is just my opinion of course.

  3. The adage-” What do you expect from a pig but a grunt ” applies. The Sun as we all recognize is not entune with our Island. We don’t want more Peter’s and a vote for Jacobsen is just that since Tim is in lock step with Peter’s the raise tax man to cover his very poor decisions. So we got the ” Grunt ” hardly not expected from our out of touch Sun.

  4. Koi Lee — it is amazing how silly your explanations can be for matters. I have made it very clear that BISD bond is bloated and out of line with what costs should be. KL — is that hard to hold onto?

    As to BITV being a dishonest broker of information and actively practicing corrosive practices such as pay-to-play, discrimination, cronyism and more, these issues have been laid out very clearly. BITV is a dishonest broker and that is known far and wide. We don’t want our local tv community station being run like a Stalinist failed state.
    While you seem eager, Koi, to run interference, do check out the inconvenient facts.

    And as to #1, BISD #303 did have to pull done a propagandistic curriculum after it ran in the national press. BISD did show themselves to be poor stewards of the student’s learning. The program in question went from 6 weeks to one day. Hmmm !

  5. Hey Koi ~~ here are the YouTubes that explain why the BISD is a bad idea and also the realities of taxes. This isn’t complicated.
    Thanks for asking Koi Lee about BISD/BIFD/taxes

    YouTube ~~ No!. BI bloat bond ~~~ and
    YouTube~~ Taxes :: You’ll be surprised

    Also see the expose on BITV James Olsen Part 1 uncensored and BITV Crime rebuttal uncensored.

    Enjoy and vote NO and No.

  6. Olsen wrote: “BITV is a dishonest broker and that is known far and wide.”

    Jimbo . . . I think you are overestimating the space between your ears.

  7. Mikey — BITV is a dishonest broker with all due respect to honest dishonest brokers.

    $256K for COBI meetings broadcast. $16K from BIFD for pay-to-play spin.

    Mikey — is that you Acid Blotter?

  8. Mr. Olsen, I searched ‘BITV Crime Rebuttal Uncensored’ on Youtube, and that very funny Police Blotter episode from October of 2008 popped up. You know, the funny one about your sign locations. Also, your video ‘James Olsen 2’ popped up. The one that shows the kinder, gentler side of you. Of course your bloat video was also there, but so was the ‘Video Response’ to your bloat video, and it is very funny too. Thanks for the laughs.

  9. Koi — don’t be fooled by the kindler/gentler JMO bitv endorsement — it is an illusion. That was long ago and my opinion of BITV has been adjusted to their Stalinist tactics.

    Always ready to inform.

    And don’t forget: recommendation is to vote NO and No on the big money issues. Both measures are ill-timed and flawed — fatally flawed.

  10. Not to worry. No one is fooled by the kinder, gentler version of James M. Olsen. We have all seen you in action, and the kinder, gentler version is long gone. One has only to watch your uncensored video to see the kind of person you have sadly become. All of my prayers for your edification were for naught. God Bless you anyway.

  11. Koi — thank you. Of my few ardent critic/followers, you are the most gracious. There just might be a glimmer of hope. HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL.

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