Winslow Way grants at risk from lawsuit

The city could lose about $5 million worth of grants for the Winslow Way utilities project if the lawsuit with the Bainbridge Ratepayers Alliance isn’t settled in just over a week.

Whether the city and alliance, which have been in negotiations for over two months, can come to agreement depends on who you ask. Some are hopeful a compromise can be reached. Others predict the project will be delayed or canceled and that the grants will have to be paid back to the feds and the state.

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2 thoughts on “Winslow Way grants at risk from lawsuit

  1. Don’t blame the rate payers be they 1 person or a real group as it is the City and the past poor management by the ex-mayor that set up the mess that eventually lead to the suit. Everything falls to the ex-mayors doorstep! She was devious, cunning, secretive, and in addition a poor manager, leader, with no real moxie in running Gov’t. For sure going forward once we get all her blundering mistakes and correct the attitudes down at City Hall we’ll work our way out of the messes and be able to move forward.

    Call it the blame game but I sure hope the new Council understands the past so we don’t make any of the same mistakes and the one way to do this is to keep this mess on the table for all to see, maybe for YEARS!

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