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5 thoughts on “Police blotter: Brazen bead bandit busted

  1. The kid who crashed his car on Sunrise Dr. after falling asleep at the wheel must have been REALLY tired.

  2. When I saw Tristan Baurick’s cute “guard your babbles” summary of the the shoplifting crime against our store in Winslow I got a good chuckle. Tristan has a nice turn of words. Her blog reminded me of other rural and somewhat “tonge-in-cheek” police blogs that remind us that our crime is not like larger metropolitan cities. Yet, for small business owners our “babbles” are our business. Small profits pay employee salaries, leases and taxes. Our customers are important – we enjoy them and serve them. Our shop was pretty full of patrons and their children on the day the Babble Bandit filled his pockets. We are relieved that his “brazen” attempted robbery ended well – though disappointed that this individual was so easily able to so easily disappear into the “wilds of Waterfront Park”. No one was hurt, but a criminal lurks in the jungles of Bainbridge.

  3. Whoops – Frudian Slip – Meant “Baubles” but perhaps “babbles” may still be appropriate since this is a blog.

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