Police blotter: Homeowner catches burglar in the act


A Port Madison resident came home to find an odd pair of feet sticking out from behind her kitchen cabinet. The feet shuffled when she approached, eventually producing an entire woman clutching a purse that looked strikingly familiar to the homeowner.

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Sept. 26
Fire: An SUV was destroyed by fire at a Madison Avenue parking lot shortly after 7 a.m. The driver said that the vehicle had been smoking as she drove to work. She called 911 when the engine burst into flames. Police believe the fire may have been caused by transmission fluid that had accidentally been sprayed on the engine. No one was injured and fire units were able to put the fire out.

Sept. 25
Theft: A passport was stolen from a vehicle parked on a secluded driveway along North Madison Avenue. Police did not note whether the vehicle was locked.

Sept. 24
Theft: A car was stolen from a Bill Point home’s carport sometime during the night. The car was described as a 2005 Chrysler Pacifica.

Burglary: A Bainbridge resident believes a woman hired as a house cleaner stole items from her Euclid Avenue home. The victim had returned home shortly after 3 p.m. to find a black car in her driveway. She assumed it was owned by a house cleaner, but thought its presence was odd because it was several hours later than when the cleaners usually leave. As she entered her kitchen, the victim noticed feet from under a kitchen counter cabinet. When the victim drew closer, she noticed the suspect try to crawl around the cabinets. The suspect then stood up and said “you scared the crap out of me.” The suspect explained that she had been at the house earlier but had returned to find a misplaced iPod. The victim noticed the suspect was speaking very fast and appeared nervous. She also noticed she had a purse that looked very similar to her daughter’s. Once the suspect left, the victim checked her house and noticed several items were missing, including her daughter’s $200 purse, some cash and an item owned by her son. Police are investigating.

Sept. 23
Selling alcohol: Police say a High School Road convenience store employee admitted to selling alcohol to minors who were later involved in a vehicle collision in which the driver was intoxicated. The employee is male who lives in Suquamish. He told police that the customer often comes to the store intoxicated by drugs or alcohol. He admitted selling three racks of beer to the youth. He assumed the youth would consume the beer at home. He expressed remorse and some responsibility for the vehicle collision that police say was a result of intoxication. Police forwarded a report to the prosecutor’s office for the possible charge of furnishing liquor to a minor.

Sept. 21
Burglary: A Walden Lane resident reported that jewelry was stolen from her home while she was on vacation. Over $21,000 worth of jewelry was reported stolen. The victim believes the burglar gained entry through a garage door.

Sept. 18
Crash: A Suquamish male lost control of his Honda Civic on Olympic Terrace Avenue and crashed through large rocks, trees and a lawnmower before colliding with a retaining wall, rolling over and striking an unoccupied pickup truck. The driver and two passengers fled the scene shortly after midnight. Police found alcohol at the scene and skid marks measuring over 45 feet. The driver was later located and cited for possessing alcohol as a minor, driving without a license, negligent driving and hit and run. He noted pain in his neck, shoulder, back, knees and arms due to the crash. His passengers, both male Bainbridge residents, complained of head, back, leg, arm and chest injuries. The car suffered damage to its roof and four sides.

Sept. 15
Assault: A Bainbridge male called police to report that he had been assaulted by a Poulsbo male in his home about a month ago. The victim said that the suspect, whom he considers a friend, had asked him for money. When the victim reported that he had none, the suspect became enraged and threw him against a wall, fracturing his arm. While the victim was at a Bremerton hospital, the suspect broke windows in his home and “ransacked” his fridge, the victim said. Police are investigating.